Dead Simple Gallery 2

The easiest FTP based gallery CMS for your website
The easiest way to put photos on your website

Manage images for your gallery via FTP,
just by adding or removing photos from a folder,
while Dead Simple Gallery updates your gallery HTML and images

Managing images for a gallery, slideshow or carousel
can be a lot quicker and much simpler with Dead Simple Gallery.

Reasons you’ll love Dead Simple Gallery


Set it up with just
1 line of code


Adjust every important
aspect to your needs


Extensive docs, demos
and a dedicated team

Try before buy

No need to spend money
when you're unsure if it fits

Don't blink, or you'll miss installation

Installing Dead Simple Gallery in 3 easy steps

1. Include DSG with 1 line of code

Put Dead Simple Gallery file (dsg.php) in your website folder. Then add this one line within <ul> tag, where you want the gallery to appear:

<ul class="add-some-class-for-easy-styling">
   <?php include 'dsg.php'; ?>

2. Fill your gallery with photos

Place your images in ds_galleries folder (it's also possible to use a custom folder). You can add more, remove or rename images anytime.

File names will be converted to image titles: cute_dogPhoto.jpg becomes Cute Dog Photo

3. That's it! Hope you didn't miss it!

You can now apply your custom CSS styles to the gallery (or slideshow).

You can also add any JS gallery script that you like to the mix: LightBox, FancyBox, you name it… Dead Simple Gallery works with 99% of them without a hitch.

If you want more specific use cases, take a peek inside DSG documentation (default config is a great start).

Pricing options

All prices are for commercial licenses.

$16 Buy for 1 project unlimited developers $24 Buy for 1 developer unlimited projects $96 Buy for team up to 8 developers unlimited projects $320 Buy for organization unlimited developers & projects

Not sure if Dead Simple Gallery is right for you?
Download and try it out.

What people say about Dead Simple Gallery

Mike Moloney

Founder of FilterGrade. Photographer.

Dead Simple Gallery is the easiest way to set up a gallery for your website. […]

Łukasz Wojciechowski

Freelance developer

I don't have an opinion on Dead Simple Gallery… I just thrown it onto my page, it worked. I moved on with my life.
That's all…

Aldo Abelleira

Founder of AldoDesign. Designer.

I just gave you 5 stars, not only because you have a good script but excellent support. Keep up and can't wait to see more in the future!