Custom HTML with placeholders

You can modify the HTML output for Dead Simple Gallery by modifying the $dsg_line_pattern variable. By default it's set to output a list of thumbnails, with each one linking to a big image preview, and it's content looks like this:

$dsg_line_pattern = '<li><a href="{PREVIEW_URL}" title="{ORIGINAL_FILENAME_HUMANIZED}"><img src="{THUMB_URL}"width="{THUMB_WIDTH}" height="{THUMB_HEIGHT}" alt="{ORIGINAL_FILENAME_HUMANIZED}"{SELFCLOSE}></a></li>{NEWLINE}';

Here's the same code with a bit of whitespace and linebreaks to make the $dsg_line_pattern content more readable:

  <img src="{THUMB_URL}"

This pattern will be used to create a line of code for every found image in your gallery directory. By modifying $dsg_line_pattern you can use Dead Simple Gallery for things like image galleries (obviously ;) ), slideshows, products lists, customer logos lists, about us pages with staff list and more. Almost every type of list of images that can be accompanied by bits of text.