Disabling caching

You can force the thumbnails and previews to be always recreated on each page refresh. By default they will only refresh when:

  • A new original image appears,
  • you update the original image or change it's name,
  • you change the thumb / preview dimensions (and they didn't exist in that dimension earlier),
  • you change the thumb operation (and there was no thumb for that operation and dimensions earlier),
  • thumbnail or preview default directory is changed.

So basically you shouldn't need to force a refresh, but if you wish you can do it in three ways (first two are preferred):

  • By deleting either a particular cached thumb or preview files (note: do not delete the original image, unless you want to remove it from the gallery),
  • by deleting whole thumbnail or preview directories (note: do not delete original image directory, unless that's specifically what you want to do),
  • by setting $dsg_force_refresh variable to TRUE. See below:
  // force ALL thumbnails and ALL previews to be generated on EVERY page refresh
  // this simply disables caching, and can put a huge strain on the server,
  // you shouldn't leave it turned ON on a production server, unless you know what you're doing
  $dsg_force_refresh = TRUE;
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